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Luke Sharp



Luke Sharp

Core Skills:​

  • Strength Training

  • Fat Loss

  • Muscle Gain

  • Sport Conditioning

  • Boxing Coaching

Fairgains is very excited to introduce you to Luke as the personal trainer at the Studio.

Luke is a 35-year-old highly experienced and credentialled personal trainer with over 15 years’ experience as a personal trainer in the fitness industry.


Luke specialises in strength and conditioning with a focus on weight training, and has a very intimate and personal knowledge of skills in conditioning for fitness being a retired professional boxer with 23 professional and 52 amateur fights.  As a result, Luke has trained with and has been exposed to global leaders in the fitness field, the knowledge and benefits of which Luke looks forward to passing on to all his clients with his intense one hour PT session.


We encourage members to consider personal training to help guide your efforts at Fairgains to supplement your own self-training sessions in our private facility.


To reach out to Luke to arrange a session, please call him directly on 0457 043 784 or email

  • Individual personal training session: $80 (60 mins)



Luke 0457 043 784


NOTE:  Luke’s PT clients enjoy a 25% discount on standard ‘access all open hours’ membership.  Please contact Luke for the discount code prior to joining or contact Michelle if already a full member and commencing PT with Luke.


  • Certificate III in Fitness

  • Certificate IV in Fitness

Language:  English

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