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Fairgains Owner & Membership Manager

Dedicated to her personal fitness since first joining a local gym at the age of 21, now 52 year old mother of two - Michelle Pateman has been a life long advocate of the benefits of strength training.


“We are all busy people in the modern age and it takes a significant commitment to take a slice of your valuable time each week to allocate to your personal fitness.  I have found they key is consistency, achieved by making part of your weekly routine in a location that is convenient so it minimises your ability to make excuses".


Michelle is also a big advocate of making good daily dietary decisions and making it habit as part of your lifestyle whilst avoiding the fad diets that come and go, or impossible to sustain, or give you short lived benefits.


Michelle has created Fairgains as as a comfortable bespoke space, using the world's best equipment, to enable residents and businesspeople within the East Perth apartment precinct the opportunity to achieve their goals, whether that be weight loss, strength gains, or improved cardiovascular fitness.

Michelle at age 23 and

Michelle at age 52 (+ 2 children)


Michelle: 0483 905 830

Email: michelle at fairgains dot com dot au

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Languages: English

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